Dance Works Determination

I’ve always considered myself a very determined individual. I have had big dreams for my life and have done everything I could to set out to achieve them, like:

Interning for Parliament in London…

No, I did not wear that outfit to work, this was just a picture on a day I was off to show my parents!

Or graduating with high grades after missing almost 3 months of my 2nd semester senior year of college due to medical issues…

But sometimes, I set my mind to much simpler tasks, like fixing the broken remote or finding the file everyone says doesn’t exist. I love a challenge and the rush of happiness in achieving even small things. So the other night when I got out of work late, I decided that I was still going to find a way to make it to my favorite Dance Works class.

On the walk to my car, I tweeted “It is 7:05… can I go home, change, drive, park to make a 7:30 @yogaworks class?? Here goes nothing!” I then was like the Tasmanian devil, literally in my own little whirlwind to make it to the class. In the process, I accidentally put on a way too loose tank top, but I took advantage of the revival of the ’90s knotting the shirt trend and made it work. I then miraculously found a parking spot and ran into class with mere seconds to spare and found that they were only on the opening stretches. As I was instructed to focus on my breathing, all I could hear was how fast my heart was beating but all I could focus on was how excited I was that I made it!

So was it worth it? Yes! It was an amazing class with fantastic music selections and I was glistening after a great workout. All in all, although it stressed me out trying to make it on such a short time frame, I felt a certain pride that I was able to not only achieve my goal but was doubly rewarded by having a great class. Will I do it again? Probably but next time, an 5 extra minutes would be nice.


-Have you achieved any goals lately? Big or small?


8 thoughts on “Dance Works Determination

  1. YOU INTERNED IN LONDON!? That seems like such a great experience! I hope you share more about it on your blog eventually 🙂 I’d love to hear more.

    A goal that I recently achieved was managing a full time summer job, while simultaneously beginning a blog, improving my fitness, and STILL making time to see my boyfriend 😀 Talk about multi-tasking!

  2. Wow, interning at the Parliament is super impressive! This summer I’ve been really diligent about my LSAT studying, so I’m going to go and consider that a goal-in-progress which I’m achieving 🙂

  3. Um stop – I interned in London too!! Where did you live there? I was in South Kensington and what I wouldn’t give to go back!

    I love that you Tim Gunn-ed it out and “made it work” last night and got in a great workout! 🙂

    Anytime I complete my to-do lists (so very, very small goals!) I consider it an achievement!

  4. When did you intern in London?! I was there during the summer of 2008, and had the time of my life. Love that city! I bet working in Parliament was quite an experience!

    I loved reading about your dash to Yogaworks class experience. 🙂 I find myself in similar situations far too often!

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