Fave 5 Friday

Hi lovelies!

Happy Friday! I hope that you all had a great week and have a wonderful weekend planned! There are a lot of fun things going on this week/weekend and I had trouble deciding the things to highlight! But here are the best of the week…

1. Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

My favorite sale of the year!

Today marks the beginning of the Nordstrom Anniversary sale! This is the best sale of the year because all of their new fall merchandise goes on sale for two weeks and then prices go back to normal on August 1. Always a sucker for a sale, I will definitely be checking it out this weekend! I usually like to buy a new pair of winter boots at the sale because they rarely drop down to that price again until after the season is over! (Also, if you’re interested, I got an email from Piperlime about their “Pre-Fall sale” so there might be some good deals there too!

2. Veggie Burger from Hillstone!

So massive and delicious!

I’ll admit that I’m kind of picky about my veggie burgers. I like them to have the perfect texture and it cannot be bland. The first time I tried a veggie burger from Hillstone, I was blown away by how they did everything right. The toasted seseme bun, piled high with veggies are the perfect compliment for the burger and melted Jack cheese on top of the most delicious combination of brown rice, black beans and oat bran. As you can see, it’s huge, so it’s great to split or to eat for two meals. If you live near a Hillstone/Houston’s/Bandera and see this on the menu, order it! Trust me, you won’t be sorry!

3. Project 7 Water

Great products for a great cause!

I first saw Project 7 water when I was at the airport on my way to Dallas. I was initially intrigued by the bottle and had no idea what an amazing cause I was supporting. Basically, Project 7 doesn’t want you to buy more stuff, just to change the products you buy to help their goal of making a significant, measurable difference in the world. Each bottle of water goes to support a different cause and the 7 were chosen as ways to turn the 7 deadly sins upside down and focus on making positive change in areas of global need. Their main missions are to heal the sick, save the Earth, house the homeless, feed the hungry, quench the thirsty, teach them well and hope for peace. This is such an incredible company and I hope you check it out and find some great products!

4. Smoothie Bowls!

Not so pretty but it tastes amazing!

Lately, I have been obsessed with smoothie bowls! I used to see them all the time across the blogs but I just didn’t really see what all the hype was about. Well, that was all before I won a bag of Sunwarrior protein powder on Katie’s blog! Ever since then, smoothies have been rocking my world. I started eating them out of a bowl just because I liked using a spoon but now that I finally purchased some xanthan gum, they are thick enough to officially be considered bowl-worthy!

5. Movie in the park!

Dancing at the SF movie in the park

This weekend I’m going to see When Harry Met Sally in Union Square! I’ve never been to a “movie in the park” so I’m really looking forward to it! Plus, I’ve actually never seen When Harry Met Sally and think it is high time I change that. It also just so happens that The Wedding Planner was on tv last weekend and I somehow had forgotten that the movie was based in San Francisco AND that they danced in the park. So if anyone spots Matthew McConaughey lurking around, you can certainly send him my way!


-What’s your favorite vegetarian option to order at a restaurant?

-Have blogs influenced your eating habits at all?

-What one item would you love to purchase at Nordstroms if money were no object?

10 thoughts on “Fave 5 Friday

  1. Ahhh Nordies sales! I pre-saled last week and of course have been perusing online all morning! If money were no object it would definitely be this Rebecca Minkoff crossbody bag…. ok and the Burberry flats… I’m in looove!

    My favorite Veg Option is the Plant Burger at Plant Cafe Organic! Movie in the “park” (Union Sq) sounds SO fun! I love that. I think they do it at Dolores Park too? Love it!

    • Love that you already pre-saled! And I’m about to get online to check out all the goodies too! Ah my friend just bought a Minkoff crossbody at Ross for like $120!

      And ohh I love Plant Organic! But I haven’t had their burgers and need to change that! I love their smoothies!

  2. I love that you love the nordstrom sale! I pre-saled last weekend and acted like money wasn’t an issue, i bought some amazing boots for the winter. The sale was too good to pass up, and by winter i’ll have them paid off 🙂

    Blogs have given me a lot of good ideas for meals, and now i eat oatmeal with peanut butter, something i found in the blog world.

  3. Oh goodness, the Nordstrom sale is dangerous! But I’m willing to take a risk and go *peek* tomorrow. ;-p I always have my eye on handbags…and boots…and cute fall jackets…and pretty much everything else in the store.

    Project 7 is such a wonderful charity! I’ve seen their products in airports as well, and always try to buy a bottle of water or pack of gum to support their cause.

    I hope you enjoy watching When Harry Met Sally! Nothing beats a movie under the stars…Especially a movie under the stars in Union Square! Lucky girl!

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