GGG Book Club: Sisterhood Everlasting


After reading Room, I knew that I wanted the next book I read to be a little lighter for my trip to Dallas. When I spotted Sisterhood Everlasting on Chelsey’s blog, I immediately added to my kindle wishlist so I would remember to download it. I purchased the book the morning of my trip and stayed up until 3 AM that night to finish it…


Sisterhood Everlasting is the most recent in the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series and this book picks up as the girls approach their 30th birthdays. Free spirit Bridget or Bee, lives in San Francisco (!) with her boyfriend Eric and feels restless in any situation that feels too permenant. Carmen has finally made it as an actress on a hit tv show, lives in a fancy New York apartment with a fiance who’s in the ‘biz but she feels further from her roots than ever. Lena is a painter and teaches part time at a New England school, but often goes days without human interaction. And Tibby has moved to Australia with her boyfriend Brian and has barely spoken to the girls in two years. Then one day, they receive a letter from her inviting them all to Santorini, Greece. When the unexpected happens, they finally must come to terms with the problems they’ve been trying to avoid and are ultimately reminded of the deep-rooted bonds of sisterhood.

The book takes place 10 years after the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 movie.



I vaguely remember reading the first Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants book years ago, but these characters are in my mind as they are in the movie. Sometimes I find this distracting when I read books, but in this case I think the actors fit the characters completely. However, if you aren’t familiar with the books or movies, this book gives a prologue that should give you enough background to enjoy the book.

Although this is definitely chicklit, I appreciated that author, Ann Brashares did not make this another young adult book but wrote it as a novel. There are twists and turns in this story and at times the heartbreak was so intense that I could barely remember that I wasn’t personally experiencing it. The saddness in this book took me by surprise but ultimately that was what kept me interested as I wanted to see these characters that I’d grown to care about find happiness! One thing that really resonated with me was how clearly Brashares was able to pinpoint the challenge of staying close with friends as your lives are growing apart. Distance, significant others and careers can all become roadblocks in friendships that you have to work to get around as you get older and I appreciated that Brashares focuses on that. But ultimately, the best part about this book was how Brashares makes you root for these girls and the challenges that they face. All in all, it was a sad, sweet book and the ideal vacation read.


-Have you read Sisterhood Everlasting? If so, how did you think Brashares transitioned from young adult to novel?

-Do you like knowing the characters of a movie ahead of time so you can picture them or do you prefer to imagine them in your head?

-Have you read any good beach reads lately?

Want to read with me? I’m currently reading The Year of Fog by Michelle Richmond and up next I’m finally reading The Help by Kathryn Sockett!


7 thoughts on “GGG Book Club: Sisterhood Everlasting

  1. Oooh! I haven’t read that one yet but I read the first couple (were there more than 2?) I LOVE that Bridget and Eric are finally together! (He was the soccer guy right?)

    I randomly do like knowing the characters of the movie ahead of time – I connect better to them. For example when I read Water for Elephants I totally pictured Reese and Robert Pattinson as the characters! God I need to get a life. Haha

    I LOVE Lauren Weisberger (Devil Wears Prada) books for beach reads – Everyone Worth Knowing, Chasing Harry Winston and Last Night at the Chateau Marmont are great for vacation! Also anything by Plum Sykes!

    • I think so! But I’m pretty sure I only read the first two as well. And yes, he was the soccer guy and I was so happy to see that they were together as well! I totally did that with Water for Elephants too! I think it made the movie better for me because I was able to see them playing out the story. And I have read all of the Weisberger books too! They are great!

      The Rob Lowe one sounds great! I’ll have to add it to my Wish List– and yay for your kindle! You will LOVE it!

  2. I’ve never read that series, but heard that it was pretty good!
    And I usually don’t like to see movies before I read books– I feel I always get so much more out of novels

  3. I’ve started reading healthy living blogs to get inspiration for my own life and this the first one that I have EVER seen with a book section. This warms my bibliophile heart. 😀

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