The Music Takes Me Back

Hi lovelies!

I had hoped to have my Texas recap ready by tonight but I ended up spending the night shopping with my mom and going to this amazing Cuban restaurant for half-price mojitos and tacos… Yes, please! It was a really fun night and definitely felt like I was able to extend the weekend despite having worked all day. I have to say, that is one of the best parts about post-grad life… no studying or homework to do after work!

Today on the way home from work I felt like I was in desperate need of  new music. As I’ve mentioned before, I go through phases and after listening to Matt Nathanson’s new album on repeat for the last few weeks, I needed a change. I started scrolling through iTunes and saw the OneRepublic song “Good Life.” I wasn’t familiar with the song, so I played a preview and all of a sudden I started feeling emotional and had an image of a couple embracing. I was totally surprised by the response and a little embarrassed as to where this was coming from!

Then I realized that they play this song in the movie trailer for One Day! If you aren’t familiar with One Day, the movie is an adaptation of the book by the same name written by David Nicholls. This is truly one of my favorite books and I whole heartedly recommend it! And although movies are rarely as good as the books, I think this one will be fantastic!

This whole experience really got me thinking about how music really can be transporting. Just like I wasn’t thinking about this movie, some songs bring me back to different important points in my life. For example, a certain Rascal Flatts song always makes me think of an ex who once sang it to me or the song “You’re Going to Miss This” makes me think about walking around London listening to it and trying to soak everything up. Whenever I hear these songs I feel happy and like I’m totally back in the moment that these events happened, just as the song today reminded me of the book and movie!


-Have you read One Day? Are you excited about the movie?

-What songs take you back?


7 thoughts on “The Music Takes Me Back

  1. Oooo, this looks SO good! I haven’t read the book but it looks like I should, especially before I see the movie!
    Songs that take me back: The first dance my husband and I had at our wedding, the joy feels real all over again. It was a mix of 3 songs: Kiss the Girl (the little mermaid) The Way You Make Me Feel (The one and only Michael Jackson) Julie, Julie, Julie do you love me (an oldie)

  2. this does look good! i’ll be seeing it! The song is also amazing, apologize (another song by one republic) is actually one that takes me back to a very memorable time in my life.

  3. Music is SO powerful! I love how songs can transport you back to a specific time and place in your life. I have specific playlists that I listen to when I’m feeling nostalgic about my study abroad experiences in London and Mexico or when I’m missing a certain friend or relative. A few of my favorites: “Roses” (senior high school prom), “Everyday People” (my uncle), any Girl Talk song (Mexico), “Shake It” (summer ’08) and “Cotton Eyed Joe” (summer camp dance) and “Love Shack” (roadtrip with my girlfriends!).

  4. I haven’t read “One Day” but I AM excited for the movie!

    James Blunt “Billy” takes me back to studying abroad in London, any Kenny Chesney song takes me to summer vacations in college, “SOS” by Rhianna and “Crazy” by Gnarls Barkley (don’t ask!) reminds me of the summer I spent interning in LA and met some of my best friends. Crazy how one song can totally transport you! I love it!

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