Power Outages and Shopping

Hi lovelies! I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend! Mine was super relaxing! On Friday, I left work in the afternoon after the lights went out AND the generators wouldn’t turn on. Not only could we not get any work done, but it was pitch black in the office! I had to walk with my co-workers to the bathroom using glow sticks!

Not really the ideal working environment

Luckily, it meant that the weekend got to start a little sooner so I went home and soaked up the sun (after slathering on sunscreen, of course) and finished my book. The relaxation continued over the next two days, which I spent going to yoga and shopping. I’ve found that I really enjoy afternoon yoga classes! During the week I have to leave so early for work that I can’t take a morning class. (And let’s face it- I am not a morning person so it probably wouldn’t happen anyway.) But on a lazy afternoon, it feels like the perfect thing to do! It just so happens that the studio I practice at is around some great stores, so I found myself doing a little shopping for my upcoming trip to Dallas!

Here’s some of the things that I got:

From Loft…

LOFT Drapey Henley Blouse

This was one of those great buys because the second I put it on, I could think of multiple different ways to wear it! I love it tucked into black shorts paired with some cute wedges, left out with a pair of jeggings and heels, or tucked into a work skirt. The possibilities are endless!

LOFT Everyday Cotton Iconic Pencil Skirt

As I’ve mentioned before, I love a good pencil skirt. I think they are so flattering and perfect for work because you can dress them up or down but they always look professional. I already have a black one and a denim one from Loft so when I saw this grey one on the sale rack, I knew it had to be mine!

LOFT Pintuck Hem Cotton Voile Skirt

The picture doesn’t really do this skirt justice but it is so cute in person. I knew immediately that I wanted to wear it out to dinner that night with a friend and was excited to style it! I think this will be in constant rotation in my closet and I might have to buy it in some of the other colors! (Note: This skirt runs really big and because I wanted to wear it on my waist, I ended up going down two sizes.)

From Forever 21…

Forever 21 Abstract Print Maxi Dress

I always like to have a little something festive for the holidays, so when I saw this dress I knew it would be perfect for my Fourth of July trip! It’s light and breezy which will be perfect for the Texas heat and while the color scheme is festive the print doesn’t scream stars and stripes. I’ll be pairing it with a brown belt that I also bought at Forever to help define my waist and break up the pattern a bit.


-Have you ever had the power go out at work/school?

-What is your ideal relaxing weekend?

-Do you like to dress festive for holidays?


4 thoughts on “Power Outages and Shopping

  1. Power outtages are so much fun! At least when you have friends to spend them with like that. I’ve had the power go out a few times at school..but my favorite was when we were in walmart and the power went out. THAT was fun!

  2. You got some awesome deals! I love, *love*, love that black skirt! Wish so bad that I had a Loft near by! I do like to dress up a little around the holidays but I feel that people look at me funny because people where I live just don’t do that sort of thing. bummer 😦 … Glad you got the weekend started early! YAH! That is awesome! 🙂

  3. Stop, I’m loving ALL of those buys!

    Sadly the power never goes out in my office 😦

    My idea of a relaxing weekend is getting some workouts in, some yummy food, some good wine, and (SF weather permitting!) being outside as much as possible!

    And I always dress festive for holidays! Speaking of I may need to run to H&M at lunch buy this blue and white dress I’ve been eyeing! 😉

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