Things You Should Have Never Stopped Doing

In July’s Cosmopolitan magazine there was an article that caught my eye, titled “50 Things You Should Have Never Stopped Doing.” The article sites that new research suggests that it is actually a good thing to revisit the past and goes on to list “50 flashbacks that deserve a redo”

Some of my favorites included:

#8: Driving around aimlessly, listening to John Mayer, and pretending that he’s still the sweet, soulful high school outcast who worships your wonderland body from afar.

In his golden years before he revealed way too much about his relationships on Twitter!

I mean, when’s the last time that you drove somewhere without a destination? But back in the day, right after I got my Driver’s license, I remember driving around with the music blasting was one of my favorite activities and was actually quite therapeutic!

#26 Choreographing dances (or just relearning Britney “…Baby One More Time” routine from your talent show)

Britney's famous video

As I admitted last week, I totally made up dances to the Spice girls and basically every Pop artist of the ’90s… And you know what? It was a blast- I think I need to bring back a little dance party every now and then for a fun, calorie blasting workout!

#34 Spending all day in bed watching bad Lifetime movies starring Tiffany Amber Thiessen and Tory Spelling

I used to hope that one day I would grow up to be like Kelly so that I could date Zach on Saved by the Bell

Does it get any more decadent than lying in bed watching bad (aka really good) Lifetime movies? I admit that I love Lifetime movies and always have… There is something so nice about a predictable story every once in a while.

The Takeaway

The truth is, I’ve waited my whole life to grow up. As a kid I was always looking towards my next landmark birthday and at 8-years-old I declared myself a pre-teen. But as happy as I am to be in my 20s with a great job, part of me longs for the activities (like the above) that I no longer have time for with my busy schedule. I think that as we grow up, we forget that it’s still ok to act like a kid sometimes! So with that in mind, I’m going to do all of the above in the coming weeks and start revisiting some favorite activities from my past. You might also find me trying to hoola hoop, running around in the sprinklers on a hot day or playing makeover and trying out a new hairstyle.


-What things should you never have stopped doing?

-Who were your actor/musician crushes growing up?


4 thoughts on “Things You Should Have Never Stopped Doing

  1. Love this! Cheers to enjoying those activities that brought us so much laughter and joy when we were younger!

    I actually read this Cosmo article while I was working out at the gym, and per their suggestion, changed my iTunes to Spice Girls music. Ha! It made for the best workout I’ve had in a loooong time! I used to choreograph dances to Britney and other 90’s pop stars too. So much fun!

  2. I would have to say “playing dress up.” For a while from high school through college, I wore simple clothes, but now I love trying out new trends! I forgot how fun it is to play dress up! 🙂

  3. Love this post!….. I have to say I wish I never would have stopped spending days on end outside in my pajamas. My days were so jam packed with catching baby kittens on our farm, jumping on the trampoline, bothering my sister, and just loving life that I didn’t take the time to change into regular clothes, plus I loved my pajamas, they were super comfortable. (don’t think I’m crazy, I grew up on a farm so my nearest neighbor was 5miles away….)
    Crush: Josh Heartnett from Pearl Harbor….. Still Zack Morris (even though I’m married ;))

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