LA Lovin’ Part 2

After enjoying a scrumptious high tea experience at the SLS, B and I left feeling stuffed… Does afternoon tea do that to any one else too? It all seems like such small portions when the trays are first placed in front of me, but pretty soon, I end up feeling so full!

We then went back and got ready to head out! We went to a bar in West Hollywood where she had a table reserved and were ready to get our dance on! The drinks were fantastic and we spent the night celebrating her birthday with a large group of people. The DJ played a lot of great songs but some of my favorites were the throwback songs that we all sang and danced to, as if we were the only ones in the room!

Out on the town! (Note the people behind us... no idea who they are!)

After a very fun night we woke up the next morning for an intimate brunch at an amazing chef’s loft downtown! (The loft is legitimately his home too as his bed is sectioned off and the bathroom has his shower products in it!) It is a small setting which was perfect for our group and you get to watch the chef and his assistants make your food right in front of you. (Though I’ll admit that I barely watched because I was too busy gabbing away… big surprise there!) I had the Corn Meal Waffle Pear BLT (minus the B) for brunch and am sad that I don’t have a pic because it was so incredible and different from anything I’ve ever tried! I’ve never had a savory waffle before, have you?

Inside- we sat at long tables in the front

After a leisurely brunch, we decided that B needed a little something sweet on her birthday! So we headed over to a LA staple: Diddy Riese in Westwood. Diddy is one of the few places in LA where you can get something so cheap and oh, so good. For only $1.50, you choose two freshly baked cookies and your favorite ice cream and get the amazing sandwich below! I chose espresso chip ice cream in between a double chocolate chip walnut cookie and a regular chocolate chip walnut cookie. Heaven. Seriously. B had chocolate chip cookies with strawberry cheesecake ice cream. After we sat in the sun enjoying our splurge, it was time for me to go the airport and head back to SF!

Pure bliss.

As you can tell, it was such an amazing weekend and totally one of those times where everything worked out perfectly! But as you can tell from my recaps, healthy eating pretty much fell to wayside, as I tried to make some healthy choices but was also not about to miss the incredible food! Now that I’m back I’m working on returning to my healthier habits and am not stressing about the splurges– because they are some of the best parts of eating and I enjoyed every minute!


-Have you splurged on anything recently? Food, clothes, etc?

-How do you handle vacation eating?

3 thoughts on “LA Lovin’ Part 2

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  2. Hiiii Emily,

    Love love love your blog ..!! Good work.. Keep it up:)
    My question is, what is the name of that chef’s loft restaurant you were talking about. Do we need reservations way ahead and where can I get details about it. Planning a surprise bday party for my husband and this sounds so interesting considering he is a foodieee:) Would you please let me know.


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