Fave Five Friday

Taking a cue from some of my favorite blogs, I thought I would start doing Fave Five Friday posts! Each week I’ll pick five things that are making me smile a little brighter. So here goes…

1. 3-Day Weekend!

3 Generations!

Of course, I am very excited about the three-day weekend! Although I love my job, who doesn’t also enjoy an extra day off? Since I have had two very busy weekends in a row (Bay to Breakers and then wine tasting and sailing last weekend) I am excited to have a relaxing weekend. This weekend I am celebrating a belated Mother’s Day with my Mom and Grandma and couldn’t be more excited!

2. New Magazines!

All of my new mags, just waiting to be read!

Confession: I’m a total magazine-a-holic. I love the feeling of having a new glossy magazine in my hands and the gorgeous images, helpful tips and interesting articles. As you can see, I have quite a few magazines to read this weekend and am looking forward to diving into them after I write this post! Usually I don’t get this behind in reading my issues, but I have been reading “can’t put down” books lately, so I’m just getting to them now.

3. Yoga Works Membership!

After doing a Groupon 30-day trial at Yoga Works, I found that I felt so much healthier and centered after practicing. So when it expired, I decided that I really wanted to get a membership to Yoga Works but I just couldn’t afford it. I was also bummed to find out that while they have a student discount, they do not have a recent grad one. And fellow recent grads can relate that even if you have a job right out of college, you probably don’t have a whole lot of disposable income. But after talking with a representative, she said that I could sign up today for a much lower price than normal and can lock that in for every month- yay!

4. Maxi Dresses!

BCBGGeneration Dress

I can’t believe that this is something I’m excited about because I have spent the last three years disliking maxi dresses. I always thought I was too short for them (I’m 5′ 4 1/2″) but lately I’ve realized that they can be really cute and flattering. I love the one above because of the great detail on the back and the defined waistline. I think this might be perfect for my best friend’s birthday next week!

5. Being Reunited with the Girls!

Before sailing last Sunday!

One of the biggest changes about adulthood is living far away from some of the people who you were used to seeing every day. Luckily that changed last weekend when I got to reunite with some of my favorite girls! We had such a fabulous time catching up and going sailing and it was so nice to see them again.


-What are some of the things making  you smile today?

-How do you feel about maxi dresses?

Have a great weekend!


6 thoughts on “Fave Five Friday

  1. I used to buy magazines every time I went to the grocery store, I felt like half my bill was in magazines sometimes! I don’t buy them anymore though.. Boo..
    I like maxi dresses but don’t wear them because I feel like I am too short for them, even though I have seen it on many short girls and it looks cute!

    • Magazines can get really expensive at the grocery store! I get most of mine via subscriptions now because a lot of them had such good deals- like $5 or $10 for the year!

      And I felt the exact same way about Maxis but now I’m really liking them! Plus, they are sooo comfy!

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