Are You a Gleek?

If you are a Gleek then you would know that last night was the season finale of Glee! It was so good but I always think that season finales are bittersweet. One of my favorite parts of watching an episode of a tv show is seeing the ‘coming up next’ portion, so after season finales I’m always anxious to know what’s happening next, especially with all the cliffhangers! Back in LA, I’d watch Glee with one of my best friends while consuming our favorite cupcakes, Susie Cakes and champagne! It was always so fun and something I looked forward to every week, just as much as the show. So tonight when my parents brought home my favorite Greek food and cupcakes, I was understandably touched. They are so sweet and I am so lucky to have them!

My Glee-loving continues tonight as I am off to see Glee Live! Have any of you gone? I am so excited! I’ll report back tomorrow and hopefully post a few pictures!


-What are your favorite tv shows? How do you feel about season finales?

-Do you have favorite celebratory foods? I am all about cupcakes and champagne- so much so that a couple of years ago one of my friends bought me the Juicy Couture cupcake necklace!


5 thoughts on “Are You a Gleek?

  1. I am a gleek too! 😛 BUT, I was a little dissapointed in the finale episode. Could have something to do with the fact that I am not a fan of Rachel and Fin together. She shouldn’t of taken him back! haha anyway, that’s cool that you and your friend used to do that every week!

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