Welcome to GGG

Hi all! I feel like before I can start doing regular posts, it might be interesting to know a little about me and my story!

Why I decided to start a blog

Glitz Glam Granola has been in the works for about the past five months as I realized how much I loved reading healthy living blogs!  The first health blog that I started reading was  Peanut Butter Fingers! I loved (and still do!) how Julie incorporated healthy living into her daily life but most of all, I loved her sunny disposition and cute life with Ryan and Sadie. After discovering Julie, I have found and continue to find, so many amazing blogs out there! Then it hit me, I didn’t just want to be reading, I wanted to be a part of the conversation! And so, GGG was born.

About me

Part of a pre-graduation photo shoot--I'm the brunette in the middle!

I graduated from college last year (wow- I can’t believe it’s already been a year!) and have been working a big-girl job ever since. I live and work in the San Francisco Bay area and have a wonderful job in advertising.

The Non-Diet

I’ve always had one of those body types that fluctuates up and down and have struggled to remain a constant size. I’ve gone on many diets over the years but was never able to stick with them because I never felt like I was eating what I wanted.  What I do now, is under no circumstances a diet, but simply a healthy lifestyle.  I generally try to make good, healthy food choices for my body but that doesn’t prevent me from having treats or decadent food sometimes too. I also try to eat mostly non-processed foods because I know that my body feels better when I don’t give it all that junk!

What kind of blog is this?

This is a healthy lifestyle blog. I really admire bloggers that post their daily meals three times a day, but with my job I just can’t swing it. Instead, I hope to share with you the foods I’m eating and loving as well as the recipes I’m making! I’m also just kind of getting back into an exercise regimen, so I’ll include that too. But mostly, the blog will be about me and my life and how I can live it in healthy, happy way.

Where does the Glitz and the Glam come in?

As much as I love and am committed to health and wellness, they aren’t my only passions. I’ve also always been interested in fashion and beauty so you’ll also regularly see fashion or beauty posts in addition to the food and fitness. But for me, glitz and glam is about more than just fashion, it’s about the way I want to live my life. I feel like life can be ordinary or extraordinary, and I want to live the best life possible and for me that means taking joy in the little things and adding a little sparkle to everyday activities.

So there you have it, my very long winded explaination about me and this blog. Now onto regular posts!

Questions? Feel free to ask! Email me at glitz glam granola dot com or send me a tweet @emilyatGGG.


One thought on “Welcome to GGG

  1. Hey girl!!!!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, and welcome to the blog world! I love the name you chose for your blog ; )

    I wanted to get back to you on your keratin question, mine usually lasts 3 months, it depends though I guess, and I do still flat iron my hair with the treatment, but the keratin is just amazing, it makes your hair so smooth, and less blow drying time for me! Score!!! I love it!!

    Have a great day! : )

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