What to Wear Wednesday: Selfie Snaps

Hi lovelies! Happy Wednesday! I hope that your week is going well and that the lucky few of you who are on spring break right now are enjoying it to the fullest! Although I’ve been acting like spring is in the air, it’s actually been quite cold in SF the past few days and now I’ve found myself back in tights and boots…ugh. But hopefully this is the last of it because I have too many pastels and dresses just waiting to be worn! For my What to Wear Wednesday posts I try and make them look more fashion-blogger by doing little photo shoots so the picture looks nice. But let’s face it, I’m not a full time blogger so many days outfit posts just don’t happen. When that’s the case, I sometimes have a slightly embarrassing habit of taking pictures in the mirror. Sometimes I’ll send them to friends to show them what I’m wearing to an event or on a date and sometimes, I have them just for me. They are a great way to see how an outfit photographs and for me to remember what I’m wearing. So I thought it would be fun today to show you some of the outfits you haven’t seen before that I’ve been wearing! This is also proof that I don’t always have my hair down and straight!


Dress: BCBGeneration, Shoes: Target, Necklace: Juicy Couture


Shirt: H&M, Skirt: Target, Necklace: LOFT, Shoes: Nine West



Sweater: LOFT, Tank: Heritage 1981, Pants: LOFT, Shoes: Target


Dress: Target, Heels: Nine West, Bracelet: LOFT

Shirt: Gap, Jeans: LOFT, Boots: Coach

Shirt: Gap, Jeans: LOFT, Boots: Coach


-Do you ever take “selfie” shots?

What to Wear Wednesday: Bow Belt

Hi lovelies, happy Wednesday! I hope that you are all having a great week so far and are as happy as I am that we are one step closer to the weekend! I feel like everyone around me is sick lately and I’m doing my best not to get it and loading up on the Airborne these days, though to be honest, I’m not even sure that stuff works. But it can’t hurt, right? That plus plenty of water- the past few weeks I’ve been working on drinking at least 2 liters a day and so far, so good.

I’m so glad that you guys like the new Fashion and Parties pages. While putting my fashion page together, I realized something… I do the same pose in practically every picture. Apparently I have a signature pose that I showcase for you each and every week- but now that I’ve noticed it I’ll try to change it up a bit! My outfit below is a current favorite of mine. I got the dress one evening at a store I rarely shop at– H&M. I know some people have tons of luck there but for me it’s always a hit or miss. Luckily, it was a hit that night. What it’s  hard to see in the picture is that the dress actually has a zipper all the way down the front which spices it up a bit. I decided to add the bow belt in a coordinating slate shade for a little interest and to define my waist a bit. And because it’s definitely a busy dress, kept it simple and classic with jewelry.

photo (7)

Dress: H&M, Belt: H&M, Tights: Unknown, Shoes: Target, Necklace: Gift to myself in Paris, Bracelet: Forever21

Shop the Look

Dress: Rebecca Taylor (not printed, but love this) // Asos

Belt: Tory Burch // Forever 21

Necklace: Ippolita // Kohls

Bangle: Vince Camuto // Style & Co


-Would you wear a bow belt?

-What stores are hit or miss for you?

What to Wear Wednesday: A Nod to Mod

Hi lovelies! I hope that you are all having a great week so far! Despite working late, I had a wonderful night last night because I got to see my best friend who was in town! Chelsea and I have been best friends since we were 3 (photographic evidence here) and we have maintained our friendship despite always going to separate schools and for the past few years, living in different places. But last night we were reunited and it was fabulous. We had so much to chat about that we tried to fit in and there is something so wonderful about having so much shared history with someone. Not only do they get you, but they know all the reasons why you are that way. She is a fabulous best friend and I am so very lucky. Thankfully, this small dose of time won’t have to hold us over for as long as usual as I’ll get to see her again later in the month. Yay!

Since I knew we were doing dinner, I wanted to wear something a little fun yesterday. I picked this dress up at LOFT a month or so ago when it was on sale and finally decided to wear it. When I saw it on the hanger, I was about to pass right by it but I lingered because I loved the color. Yet it was the opposite of the dresses I usually wear- I never go for drop waist, shift dresses and usually favor a more fitted sheath style. But I decided what the heck and tried it on. I was shocked by how much I loved it and knew that I needed to get it for the very fact that I don’t own anything like it! I was able to get this dress on super sale because it technically is a sleeveless summer dress. However, I knew when I tried it on that it would look great with tights. This dress is also a petite, which I usually don’t wear but I appreciated that it made the dress slightly more fitted and a little shorter. Moral of the story? Don’t be afraid to try something on even if it isn’t your usual style or size- you might end up loving it!

photo (4)

Dress: LOFT, Necklace: LOFT, Shoes: Target

Styling this I knew it would need a statement necklace and I chose my favorite gold one as a point of interest with the high neckline. I hadn’t originally intended to wear my hair up when I chose my outfit, but I think it totally works here and gives it a little Audrey Hepburn feel. I paired it with my tallest black wedges for a sleek line to dress it up but I also think it would be great with a pair of knee-high flat boots for a more casual look.

Shop the Look:

Dress: Laundry by Shelli Segal // Asos (on sale!)

Necklace: Marc by Marc Jacobs // Bauble Bar

Shoes: Kate Spade // Aldo


What  fashion item do you usually shy away from?

What to Wear Wednesday: Leather and Leopard

Hi lovelies! I hope that you all had a great Tuesday and went out and VOTED!! The political science major in me gets very excited for elections and exercising this amazing privilege we have as Americans. Rather than discuss the results of the election (though you’ve probably seen my opinions on twitter) I wanted to share with you an amazing story I heard about. Yesterday, a 108-yr-old woman, voted for the first time. She can’t read or write but she watched the debate and for the first time in her life wanted to vote in them. When I voted yesterday I saw lots of elderly people at the polls too and it felt so inspiring that these people who have seen so many changes in this country, are devoted to exercising their right and making a difference. I just hope that my generation will start following their lead!

Now, enough about the election- let’s talk about fashion ;) From the sound of this post title it seems like my outfit might be a little racy, but as you’ll see below combining leather and leopard does not have to be racy. Instead, I wore this outfit to work one day. Like planning an outfit around a sock bun before, this outfit revolved around a top knot. I knew that this messy hair required an outfit that was a little edgy so the first piece I picked out was my black blazer with leather details and strong shoulders. I actually bought this blazer for an interview years ago (I work in a creative industry) and had no idea how leather would catch on! To keep the look casual I paired it with dark denim and to spice it up, I added my favorite new leopard shoes.

Blazer: Express (old), Tank: LOFT, Jeans: LOFT, Necklace: LOFT, Heels: Target

As a new feature, I thought it’d be helpful to link you to items to “shop” my look! I figured if I can’t find my exact piece than I’d give you both higher and more affordable options.

Blazer: Elizabeth and James // Forever 21

Tank: LOFT (I have 3 of these exact tanks at home- but it’s something that I always grab for!)

Jeans: LOFT (similar)

Heels: Steve Madden // Target (similar)



-What are some of your statement pieces?

-How do you remix traditional business clothes?

What to Wear Wednesday: Colored Denim & Sock Buns

Hi lovelies! I hope that you are all having a wonderful week and are enjoying all the Olympics coverage! It’s resulted in a few too many late nights for me, but it’s so amazing to see what these athletes are capable of and I am constantly in a state of awe. I also admire all the hard work and years of training that they put into their sports. Something else that I’ve been noticing in addition to their skills are the different hairstyles the athletes have been sporting. For example, although I’m pretty much obsessed with Team USA’s gymnasts, they all wear these messy ponytails turned into buns. I may not be able to teach them anything about their sport, but I could certainly teach them about the art of the sock bun.

Shirt: LOFT, Jeans: Topshop, Bangle: Forever 21, Shoes: Target

I for one, am all about the sock bun. They help make any look a little classier and put-together and they allow you to sleep in a few extra precious minutes- all wins in my book! Oh and back to the outfit. Although I sport sock buns on a semi-regular basis, I chose to style my hair this way because of this shirt. Since the shirt has so much volume and detail, I didn’t want my long hair detracting from the shirt. I then decided to make it a little more fun by pairing it with my favorite colored jeans. For more conservative work environments colored denim might be pushing the envelope a bit, but if you pair them with other classic elements and perhaps add a blazer it helps keep it more professional. Also, if colored jeans aren’t the norm at your office, stick with more classic colors and save your highlighter pink jeans for the weekends.


-Do you wear sock buns?

-Do you like colored denim? Would you wear it to work?


All About the Food

Hi lovelies! I hope that you all are having an amazing week so far. I want to start off by saying a special shout-out to everyone who clicked over from the How Loft Fans Wear Stripes feature… welcome to GGG!

Sorry that I’ve been a little MIA lately, I caught the stomach flu that has been going around the bay area! It’s become a full on epidemic here and they even had to shut down a high school! Thankfully my strain hasn’t been as bad as some of those reported, but it’s  been lasting quite a while. In fact, the only things I’ve been able to eat lately are dry cereal and crackers. I can’t remember the last time I was nutrient deficient and I’m craving a huge salad with protein and lots of vegetables! Hopefully my stomach will cooperate soon and I can eat like normal again.

Now since I teased you on Friday, I think it’s time you see the finished product:

Pure bliss

These were so simple to make and a huge hit at the party! The girls really went all out for Book Club and my brownies were in good company alongside Nutella cookies, red velvet cookies and whiskey brownies. And that was only dessert! Everyone else made incredible appetizer courses too:

At the beginning of the night... many more dishes were squeezed on this table!

My favorite was my friend Ashley’s heart of palm salad. Hearts of palm have actually been one of my favorite foods since I first had them in a salad at a restaurant in LA. Since then I’ve been hooked and have even been known to eat them out of the jar… is that weird? My other favorite item was the Cowgirl Creamery Mt. Tam cheese. It’s no secret on the blog that I’m all about cheese and Cowgirl is some of the best! San Franciscans will know what I’m talking about and I’ll be sharing it (or the knowledge of it… sorry I guess you’ll have to come hang out in SF and we can eat it together!) in a few weeks because I’m actually doing a Cowgirl Creamery tour and tasting.

Oh and sorry I don’t have more pictures to document the night! I realized when I took out my camera that after I posted pictures Thursday evening, I forgot to put my memory card back in! So since I can’t show you what I was wearing, I thought I’d share a picture of my new favorite purchase that was topping my outfit:

The perfect new cape!

My new, fully-lined, wool cape cost a whopping… $17.48!! Target, I love you.


-What foods do you eat when you are really sick?

-What’s your favorite dish to bring to a party? (I have a board dedicated to this on Pinterest!)

-What’s the best deal you’ve gotten lately?